Caroline Fan

Immediate Past President

Caroline Fan is a strategic consultant and social entrepreneur who has over a decade’s worth of management experience in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Her skill set includes advocacy, fundraising, organizational strategy, communications and community outreach. Caroline has wide experience reaching out to multicultural markets, and has successfully rewritten, rebranded and passed or defeated multiple statewide initiatives and bills.

She has served as a speaker and trainer for numerous national conferences and advised lawmakers and candidates across the country. Caroline has been Endorsements Chair for a national political action committee in the past five years with a win record of over 70%. At the age of 19, she was published in a national women’s anthology. Since then, she has authored several groundbreaking reports and her writing has been used by the Michigan Department of Civil Rights and at several universities. In 2007, she founded an award-winning blog that has received accolades from the Library of Congress. Caroline speaks Chinese and Spanish, and received her MPA through the National Urban Fellows program. She graduated from Williams College, and recently stepped down as the Williams Asian American alumni chair after a decade. Caroline enjoys mentoring, pilates and connecting people.

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