Han Ko

V.P. of Education

Han Ko

Han Ko has been an investor and a technologist/engineer for many decades. He earned wide range of community and business experience in technology, real estate and community service area for the past multiple decades.

He earned his undergraduate and graduate degrees in engineering and computer science in the United States, and continued his career, working with Fortune 500 companies. Based on his endeavor, he became an entrepreneur in technology and real estate, and has successfully launched and operated ventures in U.S. and in S. Korea.

Han not only has a clear goal of collaboration and advocacy in our community, but also has a tremendous passion to focus on community outreach effort based on his experience and desire to make positive difference to our community.

He has involved with many nonprofit organizations in various leadership roles in the capacity of the chairman of the board, co-founder, a board member, or an officer, for such organizations for many years; Korea American Association, Gateway Korea Foundation, Asian American Chamber of Commerce, RoboCup Federation, FIRST Robotics, Autonomous Vehicle Association. He also has served as a Presidential Adviser to S. Korean President as an official council member of National Unification Advisory Council for many years.


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